SHP launches Conveyance VR

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  We saw our first glimpses of modern VR in April of 2013.  Even the inventors of an array of GoPros and a first build of a software package to stitch them together into a singular sphere didn't have a great answer to the question of "What are you going to do with this?"  My first reaction was to downplay a niche whose front runners couldn't answer that question. But what I would soon learn was that it was because the answer was too amazingly limitless to even start to put into words.  Fast forward 3 years and I give you the moment in time that will be remembered as PRE-Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, or Pre-VR/AR. Maybe we should just call that Pre-VAR. ;)  The Hardware is shipping to view produced pieces. The camera packages and software are coming of age and becoming unified solutions. AND now all we need is CONTENT for the masses to engage with.  

  As predicted, the possibility space is intoxicating! So in 2014 we founded Conveyance VR a full-service Virtual Reality creative agency.  We have been researching the best tools and practices to communicate stories and experiences in this NEW medium.  That is not hyperbole. VR and AR represent absolutely brand new mediums to communicate and express.  We named our agency Conveyance VR because it is our goal to share experiences that "Virtually" bring you to another place.  The full sensory experience of a VR program actually gives you the feeling of having been transported to another place and time.  Your head movements control your point of view in VR exactly as they would in real life. Sounds behind you sound like they are behind you...until you turn around that is!  The emotive take away from feeling like you've actually been somewhere is transformative.  It's why travel is so transformative.  

  A medium that helps convey what life on planet earth is like somewhere else, a medium that helps convey the experience of being someone else...that is a medium in which we at Shoulder High Productions, Sustainability Media and now Conveyance VR are 100% dedicated to mastering and creating in!  Join Us!

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