Conveyance VR is Launched by Shoulder High Productions

Posted on Friday August 14, 02015



 Well...Coming soon as it turns out.  A few bugs in social media distribution but creating spherical virtual reality is here.  Below are two examples of VR media we're creating and my strategies for distributing it for now.  Embed Codes seem to work some of the time but hyperlink codes are functioning so that's the working model for now.


There should be an embded frame here with the caption below and the VR functionality built into the webpage as an embeded frame. It works some of the time and doesn't other times on the same computer/phones. So below the caption and missing embeded 360 picture from Theta is a static jpg with a hyperlink code attached for a popup which works.  Same problem and solution below for the youtube 360 videos we made.


I film all my thank you note writing sessions with 360 cameras. ..don't you? - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA


Conveyance VR is Launched by Shoulder High Productions


I am so excited to announce the Shoulder High Productions, LLC is launching a new division of our company called Conveyance VR.  Conveyance VR or perhaps C/VR for short will be dedicated to creating the cutting edge Virtual Reality media.  WHAT IS VIRTUAL REALITY MEDIA?????  

I'm glad you asked!  VR is so named because the technology has been trying for over 30 years now to bring you to another world.  VR started as computer animated experiences, grew into military training and flight simulators and within the last few years we've actually hit the Virtual Reality Singularity!!!  No the machine isn't alive yet, but the technology involved with creating and watching an exciting VR experience without making someone nauseous or limiting to a computer graphic world is here. REALLY!  

It is INCREDIBLY EXCITING to be on the cutting edge of this modern iteration of the technology and we are well into mastering and advancing the methods of creating the very best experiences.  This is also giving us a huge head start on how to not just use the technology but how to practice the craft and art of actual storytelling within this new medium.

We are also beginning to create partnerships with equally cutting-edge app and hardware developers to distribute not just the VR media with cell phones and laptops of today but to utilize the headset and app advanced of head worn headsets that truly immerse a viewer in the world of the VR movie. While that ecosystem of apps and adoption of the hardware is in its most early of phases, the ability to view the VR media we can create today is in the amazingly powerful device almost all of us have in our pockets right now.  Our smart phones!  


Ooooooo Toronto.... - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA


Youtube's Embed code: breaks the VR functionality most of the time.


HYPER LINK STRATEGY WITH PICTURE BUTTON OVERLAYING URL doesn't break the VR code on the website  or the phone IF the Phone opens it using the app but it does break it if the phone allows chrome to play the youtube hyperlink.  

CiscoRock 360



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