Stanford University Medical Campus Renewal: Hoover Pavilion

Posted on Monday October 31, 02011


Shoulder High Productions was recently asked to commemorate the history of the Hoover Pavilion on Stanford University Medical Campus, a building built in the early 1930's and formerly known as the Palo Alto Hospital.  As it turns out we knew just the guy to ask about this building.  Shoulder High Productions' owner Christopher Baldwin's father, Dr. Davis Baldwin.  Dr. Baldwin had been the first Chief OB/GYN Resident and had a very full career serving the Palo Alto and Stanford Community with his business partner and wife Patricia Baldwin, NP. It was an honor to be able to sit down with him and some of the patients who were cared for at the hospital.  They shared some memories of what the hospital and care was like back then.

This short video was the first in a series of videos that we have created to document and honor the current Stanford Medical Campus as it starts a near decade long rebuilding process to modernize the facilities and care for the community.

You can learn more about the Hoover Pavilion here:

and more about the Stanford University Medical Campus Renewal project here:


Remember that you can watch in HD by clicking the button in the bottom right of this play window after you press play.

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