SHP helps SVB Financial Group Optimize their Auditorium for Video Needs

Posted on Friday February 12, 02010


SVB Auditorium 2

This week Shoulder High Productions, LLC. was brought in to SVB Financial Group to help design a new lighting plot for their corporate headquarters's Kellogg Auditorium.  The auditorium is used for countless meetings and trainings by the employees of the bank but it has increasingly become a place that partners like the Commonwealth Club have come to hold their gatherings.  Since an increasingly larger number of these events were being filmed and posted to the web, we were called in with the help of Glo Lighting to propose a new lighting arrangement they could use specifically for when they film events in this space.  The needs and demands of lighting a space for video are very different than for daily use and we're happy to help our clients create the best solutions for their reoccurring video needs.  We're happy to say that they are choosing between Compact Florescent and LED lights so Sustainability Media is also happy with the Green choices!

SVB Auditorium 1

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