SVB Financial Group hosts a Discussion of the State of Venture Capital

Posted on Monday February 1, 02010

SVB Venture Capital Explained

In December of 2009, SVB Financial Group hosted a panel discussion titled "How Venture Capital Works." The panelists discussed the relationships, decisions, and economics that drive venture capital. The panel included participants representing the three key roles in VC industry dynamics.  Shoulder High Productions, LLC. was asked to help produce the event for a near immediate online distribution.

We organized a 3 camera, live switched program for Silicon Valley Bank Financial Group.  The middle camera was on a dolly and added a great boost to the production value.  This was shot on location in the client's headquarters so we brought in everything we would need to convert their corporate auditorium to a elegant studio for this extremely insightful and behind the scenes discussion of the inner workings of the modern day venture model.  We were excited to have had the opportunity to serve this longstanding client and help them communicate to a larger audience the state of the Venture Capital Model and SVB Financial Group's role in it.

You can watch the 6 part video on their YouTube site here.


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