Chris Baldwin shoots Metallica for the Discovery Channel show Time Warp

Posted on Wednesday March 18, 02009

Discovery Channel Time Warp Metallica

Hopefully you've seen this show Time Warp on Discovery Channel.  The show uses special high speed cameras to slow time down and reveal unbelievable subtleties of everyday life.  So far my favorite episodes have been a slow motion capture of a frozen turkey being dropped into boiling oil...EXPLOSION!  And of course, I got a huge kick out of watching wet dogs shake dry in extreme slow motion.  I mean who needs YouTube???!!!!

But yesterday I was brought on as second camera to shoot the legendary rock band Metallica for Time Warp.  If you're a fan of Time Warp, Metallica, or seeing the science behind ROCK N' ROLL in super slow mo... Program this next season of Time Warp into your DVR!

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