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Global Teacher Prize - Who's the World's Best Teacher?

Top Ten Global Teacher Prize Finalists




Sustainability Media Produces the films for the Global Teacher Prize 2016 Top Ten Finalists

I am so pleased to have been able to participate in this project.  My appreciation to the Varkey Foundation, GEMS and the organizers of the Global Teacher Prize itself.  The team members who help produce and shoot and edit these short documentaries were some of the best storytellers around the world. I loved visiting each of these teachers in their home country and getting to know exactly what makes them the top teachers of the world.  This was a passion project for sure and I wish all the finalist the best of luck and thank them for all they have accomplished so far. Please take a moment to watch the videos we made and to listen to Stephen Hawking's announcement.



Stephen Hawking Announces the Global Teacher Prize 2016 Top Ten Finalists


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By  | February 17th 2016


We are thrilled to announce the Top 10 Global Teacher Prize Finalists. Our Top 10 teachers are a richly diverse group of individuals: hailing from five continents, they each employ unique teaching methods in the most varied of surroundings – from hi-tech labs through to refugee camps. Using devices as diverse as the very latest in web-based learning, lego and even simple song and dance, all ten of our teachers go beyond the call of duty to make the complex simple and the ordinary extraordinary.


We think they’re truly out of this world. It is fitting, then, that our Top 10 finalists should be introduced by none other than eminent theoretical physicist and cosmologist, Professor Stephen Hawking. Witness for yourself his moving tribute here:



Here are the Global Teacher Prize Top 10 Finalists. Congratulations Teachers!


Championing female education in Pakistan


Aqeela Asifi


Aqeela Asifi GTP Top 10


Having escaped the Taliban in Afghanistan, Aqeela began teaching in a borrowed tent in a refugee camp, providing the first taste of education to young Afghan and Pakistani girls. Today, over a thousand girls have graduated from her schools and she has been fundamental to changing attitudes towards female education in a deeply conservative community.



Combating extremism in Kenya


Ayub Mohamud


Ayub Mohamud GTP Top 10


For children in Nairobi and rural Kenya, unemployment and poverty are not the only challenges they face. In recent years the spectres of radicalisation and violent extremism have reared their heads. Religious Education teacher, Ayub Mohamud, has been fighting this encroachment, creating a network of like-minded teachers and formulating new strategies for combatting extremism.



@ayub1976 on Twitter


Using the power of the internet to make maths fun


Colin Hegarty


Colin Hegarty GTP Top 10


Mathematics is the subject that many children find the hardest to understand and relate to. In the UK, one teacher has harnessed the power of the internet to engage them and, with his unique style, help them understand concepts they had struggled to grasp. Colin Hegarty has created over 1500 videos and made them freely available on his website and through YouTube. Five million views and grateful comments from students all over the world are testimony to his success.



@hegartymaths on Twitter


Promoting peace through education in Palestine


Hanan Al Hroub


Hanan al Hroub GTP Top 10


In a society torn apart by conflict where children are regularly exposed to violence, Hanan Al Hroub is building trust and affection in the classroom. Her book, ‘We Play and Learn’, is influential in promoting a new focus of literacy and learning as the future for the Palestinian people.



@hanan_hroub on Twitter


Tearing up the rule book in Illinois


Joe Fatheree


Joe Fatheree GTP Top 10


Some teenagers and young adults simply don’t respond to traditional teaching methods. In these cases, it’s time to devise new ways to foster their creativity. In Illinois, Joe Fatheree’s students are making music, books and short films. They are learning through technology, public speaking and lessons in entrepreneurship. They are learning in ways that engage them. And his methods are now being used all over America.



@josephfatheree on Twitter


Fostering creativity in Japan


Kazuya Takahashi

Kazuya Takahashi GTP Top 10

In a society where many students are channelled into a pre-determined career, Kayuya Takahshi’s pupils often take a different path. His innovative teaching methods are designed to develop creativity and independent thinking. He has even started a global citizenship project in which his students travel to Indonesia to help tackle social issues.

Bringing Maths to life in Finland

Maarit Rossi

Maarit Rossi GTp Top 10

Too many children hate Maths. But Maarit Rossi believes the problem isn’t with Maths itself but simply the way it’s taught. So she has developed new teaching methods that relate maths problems to her students’ real lives. Her techniques have had a major impact on results, notably amongst girls who have traditionally done less well in maths than boys.

@pathstomath on Twitter

Finding the joy in helping others

Michael Soskil

Michael Soskil GTP Top 10

From the small town of Newfoundland in Pennsylvania, the children of Wallenpaupack South Elementary School have reached out to the world. They have helped provide clean water to fight a cholera outbreak in Kenya, held videoconferences with scientists in Antarctica and conservationists in Africa and had lessons in Swahili from Kenyan children. It’s all part of Michael’s approach to teaching of empowering student and making them believe they can change the world for the better.

@msoskil on Twitter

Transforming STEM teaching in Australia

Richard Johnson

Michael Soskil GTP Top 10

The possibilities for new technology to enhance education are exciting. And nowhere has technology been as enthusiastically embraced as at the Rostrata Primary School in Western Australia. There, Richard Johnson has transformed science teaching with his innovative laboratory where students use robotics, 3d printing, augmented reality and a host of other tools, real and online, to engage with STEM subjects. He now shares his methods with the wider educational community at conferences and online.

Giving India’s forgotten victims a voice

Robin Chaurasiya

Robin Chaurasiya GTP Top 10

The people of Kamathipura, Mumbai’s notorious red-light district, are on the outer margins of society. However, a small schoolroom in the centre of the district is a remarkable force for change. There, Robin Chaurasiya is giving the girls an education where none had existed before. She teaches them to think and speak for themselves. And they are finding a voice, spreading the word to others in the community and to over 100,000 children and parents.

Check back later for a look inside the classrooms of the ten best teachers in the world and for more on these ten inspiring teachers.

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NAB 2014 Recap and Reflections: The Gimbal Revolution & 4K for the People

Welcome to NAB 2014

My Fitbit says I walked 22,000 steps today and Southwest Airlines says I flew 820 miles, but my trip to this year's National Association of Broadcasters Conference in Las Vegas was immeasurable.  Hopefully that was a suitably cheesy opening line, but I was really proud of my steps and had to get the word out!  Every year there are new tools (and toys) for the industry to show off and each year seems to have a theme that is pretty distinct.  In years past, we saw the explosion of DSLR's, 3D production tools, high end 4K cameras and lens options to fit the PL to EF market places. Sometimes NAB shows the future like in the case of the DSLR's taking center stage there for a while and then sometimes NAB shows us a possible world which may or may not succeed (read: 3D).  So there is always a part of my brain that I TRY to reserve for the possibility that this year's new advances my actually turn out to be busts in the long term. BUT this year I think we have two themes which have been bubbling for a bit now and I think are going to prove to be winners. This year's themes from my perspective were evenly split between The Gimbal Stabilization Revolution and the Democratization of 4K Production.

Let's start with The Gimbal Stabilization Revolution

I'm starting here because Shoulder High Productions owns a Freefly Movi M10 (soon to be an upgraded M15) and it has become our favorite and most versatile tool in our storytelling/image capturing arsenal.  The Honeymoon period is not over and today's release of the upgrade from our current M10 model to our M15 model and the brand new Movi RC which integrates a follow focus controller and the remote control of the pan/tilt into one sleek design are both total game changers for us.    

With the M15 we can now fly the larger cameras starting from our long bodied Sony FS700 and going all the way up to the Sony F3, F5, and F55 cameras. And with the new RC unit a single Movi tech can operate the Follow Focus and the RC controls. That makes the full capabilities of the tool a two man crew rather than 3 and that makes all the difference in the world to our clients. I knew the second I put my hands on the Movi at last year's NAB that this was going to be a groundbreaking tool. Thanks to the gang at Freefly for not resting on their accomplishments so far. I can't wait to start working these advances into our offerings.  

Freefly Movi M15 with Sony F55Freefly Movi Remote Control and Follow Focus

Here is the list of features and specs on both these items.



  • Fully enclosed camera cage for maximum rigidity and shot stability
  • Twin tube pan axis to allow for max payload while in inverted mode
  • Fully protected wiring
  • Simplified fully tool-less balancing
  • Inverted mode for more comfortable eye-level camera position
  • Quick release top handle to allow for rapid adjustment
  • Software, mechanical, and electrical improvements to optimize performance with larger camera systems


  • Weight: 2.3kg / 5lbs
  • Camera cage dimensions: 200mm (Length) x 200mm (Width) x 160mm (Height)
  • Maximum payload: 15lb / 6.8kg with compatible camera / lens combinations.

Movi RC Unit:


  • Full carbon fiber construction
  • Precision joystick
  • High-resolution focus knob
  • Zoom control rocker
  • Shutter / record start-stop button
  • Long-range wireless link (1200 ft)
  • Real-time telemetry from the M?VI
  • Hardpoints for mounting monitor and accessories
  • Optional IDX mounting plate for powering via IDX batteries
  • Assignable switches and potentiometers to allow user customization
  • 5V USB power output
  • Tripod mount
  • Neck strap for mobile operation

I certainly hope they believe that imitation is the best form of flattery because I counted 15 different companies with competitive options. Most are two gimbal systems for smaller cameras. There were a few 3 gimbal systems and even a handful of systems with payload capacities rivaling the Movi M15.  But none that gave me buyers remorse, none at all.  One little innovation which I have to give SHAPE props for is their system for mounting their 2 gimbal system inverted to a shoulder pad and 15mm rail set.  In theory it takes the weight off your deltoids and back and puts it more evenly dispersed to your shoulder and core.  For long interviews that turn into walk and talks this would be really cool.  I've been trying to get my EazyRig to achieve the same function but to little avail so far.  I say in theory because the demo unit didn't actually work and was not holding the horizon.  I think they just needed to tweak the setup a bit, not a flaw in the design.  But I think with a little ingenuity something could be rigged to achieve the same functionality with the Movi. I'll let you know if I succeed at this.


The other half of the Gimbal Revolution is where it all started. Up in the air. (ideally)  The number of different drone and octocopter systems on display was staggering. I've seen some amazing footage with these and I've seen a number of really devastating crashes that have destroyed cameras and lenses.  I've worked with a test pilot of the US NAVY flying a 6 foot mini helicopter while flying our Sony FS700.  I'm going to leave this game to him and their kind.  I didn't play enough video games in my childhood...or I wasn't good enough at them I guess, to think that I'm going to master the art of levitating and flying.  If you want to do it yourself, great! GOOD LUCK! Really, good luck and let me know when you're really really good and I'll try to hire you. Either that or buy one that only flies a gopro and if it crashes you only have to make sure you don't hit someone.  It isn't a bad skill to develop, because if the filming side of this doesn't pan out I'm sure Amazon might hire you to deliver packages. :)

Drones behind a net

If you ask me THIS IS A DRONE!!!!

A True Drone

OK onto the Democratization of 4K

BlackMagic, AJA, Panasonic, and Sony all released brand new models that shoot 4k this year.  And they range from a many tens of thousands of dollars to a few thousand and from a few ounces to a couple dozen pounds.  They even range from having 3 inch lcd screens on the back of a dslr body to having a 10" flip out viewing wall where your head would normally preside.

BlackMagic 4K Big Boy

Most of these cameras have a ProRes 4k options and some have an internal option to scale your recording codec and file size to meet the project.

 Panasonic 4k VariCam

Panny finally gots into the S35 game with their modular 4k VariCam and is the most robustly built professionally looking camera. Its certainly is ready for your shoulder but is quite a load up there, so be ready for what you ask for.  I do like what they are trying to do with it on many levels but's really really big. I'm not sure what to say about Blackmagic's URSA behemoth.  It is also really big and I'm sorry but I approached the camera on the right hand side and saw huge screen which I thought was a bit excessive but interesting and non conforming. But then I went to the left hand side of the camera and I saw the HUGE 10" screen(which is hinding a 3rd screen) and ... well I didn't laugh but I just stopped taking it seriously after that.  To be fair I'll go back and check it out more online, but it looked and felt like a toy with gimmicky selling points. But unless I was reading it incorrectly it is selling for only $6000 so maybe the joke will be on me.  I started to write it off though when I saw that you had to choose between EF or PL mount. FAIL...

AJA, I didn't give you a fair crack at my 6 hours on the show floor, but you're even newer to the camera market than BlackMagic is so forgive me, we'll spend more time together next year.

Red, I love your Epic and the Dragonis even more amazing and your video on the beach in your booth was...great. Thank you for that. Clearly Red continues its pioneering work and if you play with their tools you make beautiful images for sure. I haven't made the leap yet but I love the Epic on our Movi. A match made in gear heaven.

Sony came out with a 4k Alpha dslr which has hit the blogoshpere already so I won't review it.  But Canon and Panasonic also have 4k dslr options and they are all pretty slick.

Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q and Sony FS700


Odyssey \\ Professional Monitoring from Convergent Design on Vimeo.

What I am MOST excited about though in this 4K field is the product I've been waiting on since last year. Shocker here, I'm really psyched out it because it represents a modular upgrade to my existing equipment rather than a brand new investment. Modular hardware and firmware upgrades are such life savers for the owner operator business model and The Convergent Design's Odyessy 7Q fits the bill exactly.  Actually it isn't just an upgrade from tools like the Sound Devices Pix240 and Atmos products, it is a total class changing addition to our equipment offerings.  The Odyssey 7Q turns our 8bit Sony FS700 into a 4K powerhouse. It gives us continuous 240fps recording capabilities and lets us shoot slog with luts on the screen already.  It makes the FS700 an F5 and in some ways it allows some options which boost it to even higher comparisons.  The option I'm most excited about is the 12bit 4K to 10 bit 1920 ProRes HQ capability. The results are staggering and Philip Bloom gave us the best write up there is on the combination of the Odyssey 7Q and FS700 so I'll just link to him and say thank you very much.  I can't wait to receive our 7Q.

Philip Bloom's 7Q and FS700 review


Sony FS700/ Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q "real world" resolution/ detail tests from Philip Bloom Reviews & Tutorials on Vimeo.

A brief jump to Post Production:

Our switch to Adobe's Premiere CC is complete and I think the days of FCP7 are finally over this year.  You know...I'm actually fine with it now.  The learning curve was and is still there to get back up to the speed I was with FCP7 but we're quickly mastering it and discovering how truly powerful it is with it's integration into the full Adobe line.  If 4K or at least RAW is on our doorstep how will we store all this data and are the towers we're using up to the challenge?  LaCie and Gtech both have HUUUUUUUGE thunderbolt options for mobile and office setups which seriously make me think twice about upgrading my current fiber based SAN edit suites.  But the team at Promax has continued to evolve and refine their Platform product and its scalable cross platform...platform, is really taking the guess work out of how to configure the next shared edit suite to be ready for growth and speed.  I won't make this decision for a bit still, but I'm glad to learn their Platform architecture is back to being able to be joined with Apple's newest towers. So from the small, thunderbolt, non shared options to the large, shared access systems, I think there isn't an insurmountable barrier to editing and producing in 4k or RAW anymore. It will just cost a ton to archive, but it always has. 

All in all, I saw a lot of great gear this year and shook a lot of hands of people I've been working with and collaborating with for many years.  All the greatest tools in the world don't automatically mean you have a great story or enjoy the people you work with.  I for one can say that I am grateful for those last two things for sure which I value most above all else. 


Some more cool stuff:

ANDRA Follow Focus

 Hollywood Aericam Rope System

Hollywood Aericam Rope System 


360 Stich

GL Optics 

GL Optics 18-35

Canon C300 Autofocus Upgrade

Canon Autofocus Upgrade

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3D Printing Revolution In The Making: Part 1

On February 19th at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California Sustainability Media shot the Long Now Foundation's monthly Seminar About Long-term Thinking talk for February 02013.  We were honored to hear Chris Anderson speak at the seminar and hear what he has to say about the latest revolution in technology and enterprise: 3D printing.  

Watch the Long Now Foundation's Seminar About Long-term Thinking talk for February 02013 with Chris Anderson shot by Sustainability Media here:

WIRED's Chris Anderson: The Makers Revolution from The Long Now Foundation on

What is 3D printing?  

Makerbot Replicator 2 at work

3D printing is a process in which 3D objects that already exist can be scanned with 3D scanning tools or built from the ground up using software. Then the information from this scan or plan can be used to create a 3D replica of the object by using a 3D printer, which are commonly called "fabbers" or "replicators," which melts and extrudes different materials along X,Y, and Z axes to create a complete copy of the original object in 3D.  In this way 3D printing can be used to create replacement parts for everything from doorknobs, motor parts, gears, and circuit board holders. You can even download the plans and software to build and print your own 3D printer!  But 3D printing isn't just about replicating already existent objects.  3D printers can also be used to create rapid prototypes of new objects for testing and further for manufacturing.  3D printing has been used to create jewelry, sculpture, and toys.  

Makerbot has an online community for makers where you can upload and download plans to create or modify all kinds of objects.
Thingiverse homepage

Online resources for learning and implementing 3D printing abound on the net.  TechShop is one of many online communities commited to the futhering of the maker community.

In the initial days of 3D printing advancements scale was small but as the technology and demand around 3D printing has grown, so has the capability to create larger objects.  Utilizing different methods and materials everything from prototype concept vehicles to car parts have been created.  There have even been applications of 3D printing used in architecture to create buildings.  The practical applications of 3D printing are endless, and paired with the creativity of the human mind there is serious potential in the world of 3D printing. Arguably 3D printing's biggest alley has been its open source foundation.  Information on how to build, set up, and utilize 3D printers abounds on the internet. Plans, scans of objects, and software can be found for free or a relatively low footprint investment to get anyone started in 3D printing.  This has revolutionized consumerism and manufacturing, making anyone with access to the internet and materials needed for 3D printing into a maker of our modern age. 

Here are a few samples of what can be created with 3D printing and a video prodcued by TechNewsDaily at Maker Faire fall of 02102 which illustrates the growth in the 3D printing world.

  3D Printed Gears 

Cube X 3D Printer


An Industrial Revolution for The Modern Era 

Chris Anderson is a writer who started his career in scientific journals such as Nature and Science.  He went on to become the US Business Editor and Technology Editor for The EconomistIn 2001 Chris Anderson became the Editor of WIRED magazine.  In addition, Chris has authored three books, The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More, FREE: The Future of a Radical Price, and most recently, Makers: The New Industrial Revolution.  In his most recent book, Makers: The New Industrial Revolution, Chris discusses the pivotal role that emerging 3D printing technology has has on manufacturing in today's world.  Like the advent of the printing press heralding a new era of widespread information and literacy, and further the reach of information flow over today's internet, 3D printing is opening doors the world over for anyone who cares to get involved.  The very spirit of the 3D printing community and its technology is about open-source sharing and low cost implementation.  Meaning that anyone can join the movement of 3D printing and usher in new products to our markets while still being able to maintain and keep up with large scale manufacturers through the use of readily accessible 3D printing technology.  These future forerunners in the 3D printing world are aptly called "makers."

“Today,“ Anderson writes, “there are nearly a thousand ‘makerspaces‘— shared production facilities— around the world, and they’re growing at an astounding rate: Shanghai alone is building one hundred of them.“

“Open source,” he adds, “is not just an efficient innovation method— it’s a belief system as powerful as democracy or capitalism for its adherents.“

Makers by Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson sat down with Long Now Foundation's Co-Chair and Board of Directors, Stewart Brand, to discuss the long term thinking behind the 3D printing revolution during the February 02013 seminar.  By focusing on long-term thinking, Stewart Brand asked Chris Anderson to explain the advent of 3D printing and how the movement might move into the future ahead. 

"We’re now entering the third industrial revolution, Anderson said.  The first one, which began with the spinning jenny in 1776, doubled the human life span and set population soaring.  From the demographic perspective, 'it’s as if nothing happened before the Industrial Revolution.'
The next revolution was digital.  Formerly industrial processes like printing were democratized with desktop publishing.  The 'cognitive surplus' of formely passive consumers was released into an endless variety of personal creativity.  Then distribution was democratized by the Web, which is 'scale agnostic and credentials agnostic.'  Anyone can potentially reach 7 billion people.

The third revolution is digital manufacturing, which combines the gains of the first two revolutions.  Factory robots, which anyone can hire, have become general purpose and extremely fast.  They allow 'lights-out manufacturing,' that goes all night and all weekend.

'This will reverse the arrow of globalization,' Anderson said.  'The centuries of quest for cheaper labor is over.  Labor arbitrage no longer drives trade.'  The advantages of speed and flexibility give the advantage to 'locavore' manufacturing because 'Closer is faster.'  Innovation is released from the dead weight of large-batch commitments.   Designers now can sit next to the robots building their designs and make adjustments in real time.

Thus the Makers Movement.  Since 2006, Maker Faires, Hackerspaces, and TechShops (equipped with laser cutters, 3D printers, and CAD design software) have proliferated in the US and around the world.  Anderson said he got chills when, with the free CAD program Autodesk 123D, he finished designing an object and moused up to click the button that used to say 'Print.'  This one said 'Make.'  A 3D printer commenced building his design.

Playing with Minecraft, 'kids are becoming fluent in polygons.'   With programs like 123D Catch you can take a series of photos with your iPhone of any object, and the software will create a computer model of it.  'There is no copyright on physical stuff,' Anderson pointed out.  The slogan that liberated music was 'Rip. Mix. Burn.'  The new slogan is 'Rip. Mod. Make.'

I asked Anderson, 'But isn’t this Makers thing kind of trivial, just trailing-edge innovation?'  'That’s why it’s so powerful,' Anderson said.  'Remember how trivial the first personal computers seemed?' "

--Stewart Brand

For an indepth write up on the Environmental aspects of the 3D printing revolution, please see Part 2 of this article on the Sustainability Media blog.
Sustainability Media Blog  

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Meet Our Newest Addition: The Sony NEX FS700 Super 35mm Camera 4k Sensor

Sony NEX-FS700 Super35mm Camera

Shoulder High Productions and Sustainability Media have decided to expand our gear offerings and bring a new camera into our fold.  The Sony FS700 is capable of stunning high speed work at 240fps at true 1920x1080 and 480fps at 1280x720, making it our new state of the art Super 35mm camera. After researching and hunting for the most dynamic Super 35mm camera, we made the investment in this camera for 3 main reasons.

1.) The amazing high speed cinematography it allows, 2.) the flexibility of lenses with iris support it allows, and 3.) the future proofing with the 4K upgrade that will be available for the body in the coming months.

Of course its Super 35mm sensor is HUGE! It allows for beautiful control of depth of field in your shots.  Learn all about the camera here:

Sony FS700 35mm Sensor Brochure

We have the rigging and lens support to make this new Sony our main workhorse. We have completely fallen in love with its capabilities. We're sure you'll love it on your shoots as well! The Sony NEX-FS700U Super 35 Camcorder is a fully professional large-sensor video camera. A marked improvement over the FS100 sensor, the FS700 features a native 4K resolution sensor. The sensor's large size offers a variety of other advantages, including increased control over depth of field, higher sensitivity in low light, lower image noise, and an exceptional dynamic range. Able to shoot full 1080p video in a range of frame rates up to 60p, the FS700 provides the option of recording AVCHD footage onto SD card/MemoryStick or via the FMU (flash memory unit) port, or it can output 4:2:2 video (with embedded timecode) via HDMI 1.4 or 3G/HD-SDI to an external recording unit. Simultaneous recording to both is also possible when instant backup is called for.


 If you're curious to see the kind of crisp quality the Sony FS700 camera can turn out in super slow motion, rest assured we were too.  As soon as we recieved the camera, we could not resist unpacking it and taking it for a super slow motion spin.  Here's an example of the quailty and range this camera can produce.  Thanks for modeling so well Buffo!


Sony FS700 - First test from Shoulder High Productions, LLC & on Vimeo.



 Metabones Canon EF/PL Mount adaptor RED 17mm-50mm T.29 PL Mount Lens Alphatron EVF

Add to all this the fact that Shoulder High Productions and Sustainability Media now carry a metabones EF/PL Lens mount adaptor and we have all your needs covered.  Utiltizing the metabones adaptor you can now mount any of our EF or PL lenses to the Sony FS700 and shoot with endless possibilities.  We hooked up our RED 17-50mm PL Zoom Lens to the Sony FS700 using the metabones adaptor and couldn't have been happier with the results.  The Sony FS700 with is multitude of features paired with the metabones adaptor now allows us to use our full line of EF and PL mount lenses on a single camera and offer a full range of endless possibilities for our clients to experience Super 35mm cinematic quality video on their shoots. 


How To Operate:

Last but not least, for those of you renting the FS700 from us and using it for the first time here is a link to download the manual and a video that goes over many of the menu features so you're ready to operate when you pick it up!


Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 02012

Expand Your Knowledge: Canon C300 Simulator

     Earlier this year Shoulder High Productions and Sustainability Media was proud to be the first production company in the Bay Area to aquire the Canon C300 Super 35mm CMOS HD Camera.  Added to our roster of gear for production and rental use we started shooting with it immeditaly and fell in love with it.  We cannot say enough about the features and range of use on this beautiful camera.  Providing large censor 35mm cinematic quality with cutting edge digital technology the Canon C300 is an impressive camera for a variety of projects.  Many of its features can seem daunting at first for a camera operator, but once researched they offer a bevy of settings and usability that make this camera a dream to work with for any type of project from documentary work, to movie quality cinematic shoots, to commercial use, and with our added new peripherals aquired from Able Cine this year, we were even able to expand its use into handheld ENG style for our clients.  

       But reading the camera's manual cover to cover doesn't often offer a camera operator or Director of Photography the hands on experience one needs to really get a feel for how best to use all the features built into the C300.  So Canon has come up with the C300 simulator.  We encourage all clients looking to rent our Canon C300 to take a spin on this simulator and see how Canon has paired a hands on experience to familiarize those curious about using the C300 without having to have the camera physically in their hands.  This tool is inexpendable when it comes to testing equipment and being able to be familiar with the user interface by the time you are on set and ready to roll.  But don't take Shoulder High's word for it, see for yourself below.

Canon C300 Simulator

The start of the simulator page will allow you to acess what settings and screen features show up when maniuplating the C300.

Canon C300 Simulator

Learn how to navigate by using the buttons and display as you would to select different settings. 

Canon C300 Simulator

Canon's C300 Simulator allows you to see where the buttons are located on the camera body to navigate through the on board features and settings within the camera. 

SHP Equipment Rental Estimate Generator

If interested in adding this great camera to a rental estimate please use our new online rental estimate generator and add lenses and lighting and grip accesories to make your production as great as possible!

Our Camera also come preloaded with eight unique scene files or picture profiles created by the engineering team at Abel Cine in Burbank, CA. You can read more about what's on them here by clicking the picture below.

Abel Cine C300 Scene Files

Posted on Wednesday, February 15, 02012

Meet Our New Canon C300! 1st production company in the Bay Area to have it!

Canon Eos C300 EF Mount Camera

Thanks to our friends at Canon and Snader, Shoulder High Productions and Sustainability Media are the 1st production companies in the Bay Area have Canon's new Flagship Cinema Super 35mm CMOS HD Camera.

And wouldn't you know it we're shooting with it right away.  Stills and videos will be forthcoming as soon as possible but we're thrilled to be putting the L-Series Canon Lenses that we acquired for shooting with the Canon 5D MII to use on an actual production ready video camera.

The images we will be able to make with this light weight small form factor camera will blow you away and its the perfect camera for hand-held and ENG work as well as beautiful talking heads and landscapes.

What's all the hype about????   Until we get back from our first trip with it, we'll let Philip Bloom tell you allllllll about it.

Watch his short here.

Some Specs from Canon's Website

Canon C300 Dynamic Range and Sensor Size

That's all for now.  Gotta get to work!  But a full production report and story to come.  We look forward to helping your next production be an amazing success with the new Canon C300 and our other offerings.


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Stanford University Medical Campus Renewal: Hoover Pavilion


Shoulder High Productions was recently asked to commemorate the history of the Hoover Pavilion on Stanford University Medical Campus, a building built in the early 1930's and formerly known as the Palo Alto Hospital.  As it turns out we knew just the guy to ask about this building.  Shoulder High Productions' owner Christopher Baldwin's father, Dr. Davis Baldwin.  Dr. Baldwin had been the first Chief OB/GYN Resident and had a very full career serving the Palo Alto and Stanford Community with his business partner and wife Patricia Baldwin, NP. It was an honor to be able to sit down with him and some of the patients who were cared for at the hospital.  They shared some memories of what the hospital and care was like back then.

This short video was the first in a series of videos that we have created to document and honor the current Stanford Medical Campus as it starts a near decade long rebuilding process to modernize the facilities and care for the community.

You can learn more about the Hoover Pavilion here:

and more about the Stanford University Medical Campus Renewal project here:


Remember that you can watch in HD by clicking the button in the bottom right of this play window after you press play.

Posted on Monday, April 18, 02011

A Look at the Before, After and Behind the Scenes of a Great Video Shoot.

It is a fairly regular occurrence that we show up to produce a video for one of our clients, with all intentions of making a beautiful looking image for them only to be led into a tiny room with white walls and a dry erase board on the wall.  Without the right tools and experience this can lead to a really compromised and uninspiring look for the final video.  However, take a look at the below set of images where we were empowered by our great clients at Silicon Valley Bank to use the right equipment for the job to make sure we got the best results possible.

SVB Interview space with no lighting or staging

SVB Interview Look #1 - 2011


In this next sequence we see another common problem which is just the opposite.  Another exciting startup company has hired us to create some video for them and we walk into a massive expanse of cubicles and very few people working in them yet.  Again Shoulder High Productions has the tools and the know how to make a great look in such a situation.

SVB Production Still - 2011

SVB Interview Look #2 - 2011

We used our Panasonic HPX3700 P2 Varicam camera which has a native 1920x1080 24p sensor to ensure the best possible HD AVCIntra100 codec and resolution.  We supplemented this beautiful camera with our Letus 35mm lens adapter and a set of Zeiss PL Mount CineStyle Prime Lenses.  The combination of these tools really makes sure we are ready to make a beautiful interview regardless of the environment we are given and we are always happy to have the opportunity to put them to use for your projects.

Posted on Thursday, September 16, 02010

Own Products Website Launches with a ton of video support from SHP

Shoulder High Productions was recently asked to help create a series of videos for the new website of Own Products , a brand new line of all natural skin care.  Own Products was founded by the same succesful team that created the green/eco cleaning line of Method Products.

Take a look at the website and sample the videos we created in a studio and natural environments for a great new client.

Own Products Website


Posted on Monday, July 5, 02010

SHP Helps Cisco Live in Las Vegas

Cisco Live

Shoulder High Productions, LLC. was excited to have the opportunity to help crew and equip the production of Cisco Live In June of 2010 held in Las Vegas.

With dozens of trusted professionals in our network, the latest High Definition video gear, and enough insurance coverage to appease the most stringent production requirements, SHP was able to feel right at home while on the road.  Whether your production is bringing you to our backyard in the Bay Area of California or if you need to travel around the world; we'll be your trusted partner to make sure your production is a success.

Posted on Friday, March 12, 02010

Singer Associates Inc.: A Finalist in the Best Agency of the Year Award

Singer Associates Inc.

Singer Associates Inc.: A Finalist in the Best Agency of the Year Award

Singer Associates Inc. , a client of both Shoulder High Productions, LLC. and Sustainability Media, was nominated as one of only four finalist in PRWEEK Magazine's "Best Agency of the Year" award !

It is the fourth time in the last five years they have been honored with this distinction. We are extremely happy for them and proud to be called upon by their team in San Francisco to create the media for many of their client's video campaigns.

We look forward to continued collaboration and successes.

Below is just one example of our work together.  It is an ongoing public outreach program to communicate to the surrounding community the needs, impacts, benefits of the Stanford University Medical Center Project:Renewal .

Stanford Renewal Program


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